Atticus Report

Podcast Branding, Merchandising & Web Development

“The Atticus Report surveys the world in search of music that’s good for something. Co-hosted by Austin-based musician-producers Rick Busby and Stephen Doster, each episode of The Atticus Report tells stories of music from around the world and the musicians who make it.”

Having successfully branded Atticus Records, Rick and Stephen approached me to do something similar for the label’s sister podcast The Atticus Report. Using similar elements from the Atticus Records logo, I created a logo that visually communicated what the Atticus Report was in relation to the label. I then created a basic website that would not only house a collection of each podcast recording, but allow Rick and Stephen to easily submit each new podcast to all major podcast distributors including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and more all straight from the dashboard of their website. They are now left with an easy to manage, fully mobile responsive website that allows users to discover their content and subscribe on their podcast platform of choice.