Plz Daddy Music

Web Development and Visual Art

Plz Daddy is the new music moniker of Austin local DJ and music producer Nathaniel Red. Nathaniel came to me with a desire to rebrand his creative work and invest in a quality website to showcase his mixes, promote his shows, and sell his merch. Having expressed interest in wanting to approach the design of everything with a colorful vaporwave aesthetic, I sought to create colorful and enticing graphics that channeled popular elements of the movement while also bringing just a touch more refinement than the genre is normally used to. I modified his old logo to fit the look as well as hooked him up with some simple animated graphics he could use in projections at his live shows as well as Youtube uploads of his mixes. I really enjoyed being able to get a little weird with this project and step out of my normal wheelhouse of creating more simple designs that I usually do for my business clients. Either way when someone offers to pay you to make them look aesthetic as heck, I’d say you’re officially living the dream. One of my favorite projects to date for sure!