Private Angel Records

Record Label Branding, Merchandising & Web Development

“Private Angel is one of two Austin-based production labels owned by DBM Entertainment. Along with its sister label, Atticus Records, Private Angel develops and/or co-ventures creative projects, providing a wide range of services to working, professional music and creative recording artists.”

Following suit with my work on the Atticus Record website, I set out to brand and develop a website for the collective’s sister label Private Angel Records. I used the same template I had built for the Atticus Records website, but rebranded and styled it into a completely different website that pushed the desired aesthetic for Private Angel. The client had wanted something that gave a feel of an old black and white noir film, with a splash of color for good measure. I designed a logo with a private eye theme. To further push the noir aesthetic, I chose to pair a slightly saturated slate blue with a grayscale color pallet to create an overall look for the website that was both dark, yet legible. As with most of my work, this website is fully mobile responsive and looks great on any device.

The logo featured on the website was actually a reiteration of the original logo, which you see featured on the merchandise. Our plans to move forward with printing merch that represented the new logo were put on hold, as was Private Angel itself, as things with its sister label Atticus Records had really begun to take off.

private-angel-records-devices private-angel-records-merchandise