Soul Diving

Blog & Podcast Branding, Merchandising & Web Development

Soul Diving is a podcast and blog for local songwriter and creative consultant Rick Busby. Soul Diving’s content features subjects and themes such as creativity, music, spirituality and much more. Soul Diving was one of the first websites I ever built for WordPress. The website’s current state is the third makeover I have given the site. This project allowed me to develop experience in organizing a website with a large body of content as well as learn how to integrate distribution for podcasts.

As with most of my projects, we of course started with a solid brand identity. Rick had shown me the cover of Steve Winwood’s “Arc of a Diver” as a source of inspiration for the look of the logo. Using a similar approach to the diver pictured on the album’s cover, I refined the concept into a logo that would translate well digitally. Additionally, Rick had also commissioned me to create iconic representations of each category of the blog while utilizing colors based off of the 7 chakras. In the end, I created a well-organized space for Rick to house his writings as well as promote and distribute the blog’s related podcast.